Monday, March 31, 2014

Is Credit Repair Software Worth The Money?

Credit Umbrella's TurboScore Software

     In an effort to make my credit repair journey more effective I have started to look at other options in order to more organize my efforts.

     There are several ways to go about credit repair. You can go the old tried and true route and send out handwritten or typed letters and keep your own tracking and filing system of the interactions with the credit bureaus, collection agencies, and creditors. You can hire a credit repair agency to handle everything for you. You can buy and use a credit repair software to help you generate the letters needed and keep track of your progress. Or you can use any variation of the options above. Today I want to talk about the credit repair software.

     After reviewing a couple of companies' software, I decided to go with Turboscore. From my research, the software seemed to be the most complete version with the lowest cost. At $39.95 it provides a lot of guidance that is very helpful. Especially for beginners. There are a multitude of letters to choose from for almost every situation. You can track up to three users, so if you want to include your wife or friend in the credit repair process, you can help them with ease. There are multiple training videos to help you use the software and to help you choose the correct path to take in the credit repair process. There is even a Credit Dispute Dashboard to help you keep track of your overall progress. 

     The only negative that I found, and I have found this in every credit repair software, is that it does not mention anything about student loans. That is currently what is haunting me on my credit report and guidance in that area is non-existent. For instance, in my previous post I mentioned that I rehabilitated my student loans and that I was promised to have the negative items removed once the rehabilitation was complete. Well, that hasn't happened and I would love to have at least a sample letter in the software to guide me in getting this error fixed. My credit score would skyrocket and I would most definitely give credit to TurboScore for helping me with these errors on my report. 

     I just got the software yesterday and I have set up my user information and have put in my updated credit scores to create a starting point. I will start sending out letters shortly and we will see how it works out.