Friday, April 25, 2014

Are You a Defensive Pessimist?

     I have been thinking recently of what type of person I would characterize myself in terms of dealing with the credit repair process. I have this undeniable hope that everything will be fine. All of my negative entries will fall off eventually with the proper processes and I will end up with a great credit score. But then I start to think, "What if it doesn't work out like that? What if I need to do extra work to get there?" I then, almost immediately, start planning the next steps just in case things don't work out like I planned. So, what do I characterize myself? Is there even a name? I then read this article on the Debt Roundup Blog that I believe characterizes me to a tee. It's called, "The World Through the Eyes of a Defensive Pessimist". It's a great article that describes what a defensive pessimist is and how they interact with the world.

     Wikipedia has a great definition:

     I am this way 100%. When it come to credit repair, and many other things, I am constantly worried that I will get a negative response to the letters I have sent out and I am constantly asking the what if questions. In response to that fear I am in a never ending search for the next letter I will have to send out or action I will have to take in response to that negative response. I want to feel 100% secure that I have a plan for the next step if anything were to happen. 

     Now I don't want to say that I am that way with everything that I do. There are days that I just wing it and go with the flow. Those are days, though, that my brain needs a break and I am ready to relinquish control for awhile. And I get great pleasure watching my loved ones or my subordinates at work take charge like I normally would and make it a successful day. Most of the time I am that way, though. Especially with the most important things to me. I do not want to leave anything to chance. It just makes life so much easier to have a response for as many possible outcomes as I can think of. 

     I my mind, I believe that my credit repair process is so important to achieving the goals I have in life (both short and long term) that I am in a constant state of thought until I figure out what to do next.

     So, what is your thought process about your credit repair journey? Comment below and let us know.

And the Saga Continues...