Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Credit Repair Waiting Game...

     I can't stand waiting. I guess that's one of my faults. I want instant gratification. I avoid ordering online and go to the store so I can get what I want right then and there. At work, I don't like waiting for results if I know the job can be accomplished right then and there. I am having the same issue with the disputes on my credit report that I have mailed out. I want to know as quickly as possible what the results of the investigation are so I can start the next phase of repairing my credit.

     I have downloaded the USPS app to my phone so I can track the certified letters that I have mailed to the creditors. The credit bureaus have a tracking system, so I will log on to track those disputes when I have them. I have this insatiable desire for information. I'm what you may call a planner. The problem with waiting is that I can't plan my next steps very accurately without knowing what the results of the investigation are. 

     You may say 30 days is a drop in the hat if your credit score will be repaired. I understand, and fully agree with that statement. I also understand the amount of customer interactions these companies deal with on a daily basis. That takes time as well. And then you take in to account the fact that I mailed disputes to four different creditors. Each company has it's own system of dealing with disputes. Each company will respond in their own time. 

     And then lets say the 30 day wait has passed and I don't get a response and my credit report wasn't adjusted. I then have to mail out a letter to the credit bureaus and wait another 30 days for a response. That can be so frustrating. 

     All this makes the road to good credit a long and winding process. It is teaching me two things in life (probably more than that). First, financial responsibility. I will never want to go through this again. I will definitely make sure that I stay on top of my finances from now on. Second, patience. I don't think I have ever needed so much patience in my life. But I have to have it. The only alternative is that I give up trying to fix my credit. And I can't do that. I have plans for the future like buying a house, marrying my fiance, sending my kids off to college, financial freedom, etc. I need a great credit score to achieve all of these things. 

     That's what gets me through this waiting game. I have so much to look forward to by fixing my credit. I also have more than just myself to worry about. I don't want my future wife and kids to struggle like I did growing up. I want them to thrive and grow up happy. I need patience to make that happen.

     I can't wait to get the results and let you all know what happened.