Friday, April 18, 2014

Why Haven't You Started Fixing Your Credit???


     I wonder sometimes why more people aren't doing anything about their credit scores. Why do they go through life accepting the mediocre lifestyle? Are they really ok with living day to day? Or do they have enough cash to not worry about what's on their credit report? Maybe it's lack of knowledge of the credit reporting system that is holding them back. Your credit score is so important in today's world that you have to invest the time in to making sure it is accurate and as high as possible.
     There have been numerous studies that show the credit bureaus are far from perfect.  I have seen some say that as much as 75% of credit reports have some type of error. That is outrageous. I don't know of any other company that would allow that type of problem to exist with their product.
     Well, like it or not, it is our job to make sure that they are being 100% accurate with our information. We can't just sit idle and hope that that the credit bureaus grow a conscious one day and decide to do what's right. They would lose money by doing that.
     To make matters worse, we have to be just as viligent with our creditors as well. They would stand to lose even more money if our reports were accurate. You see, if our reports were accurate and we had a high credit score, there would be no reason for them to charge us a high interest rate on anything. They would lose millions of dollars.
     Sounds almost like a conspiracy doesn't it? We have to be on top of our credit repair so we don't get bamboozled by the credit bureaus and creditors. They don't really care about us. They may send out some advertising or some other corporate message that says they do, but behind the scenes they're laughing in our faces while raking in millions of dollars of our hard earned money. Money that many of us don't have to spare.
     So I pose the question again... Why aren't more of us doing something to fix our credit? It can be such a simple process if done correctly and could save us thousands of dollars.
     And the Saga continues.....